My book

Book: 'UnpackED - The black box of Indian school education reform"
Pages: 240
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The questions – “What’s the problem with Indian public education? What’s the bottleneck? Why do governments' reform attempts don't yield results?” have always troubled me. I got a variety of answers to these questions ranging from corruption to deliberate attempts of crooked politicians to keep people illiterates. However, I could never get a satisfying answer to this question. In the process of exploration, I ended up reading a great deal on Indian public education from diverse perspectives – economics, sociology, pedagogy, political etc. After few years of this journey, I could get a sense of a broader picture, when I put all these different pieces together. It's a big claim to make but I believe that I found answers to the above complex questions, at least to my satisfaction. I felt that this revelation must be shared with others. Hence, I wrote a book.

The book’s name is "UnpackED – The black box of Indian school education reform”.


I summarised key arguments of the book in four blog posts. Links below.