Einstein’s swag research paper

On the occasion of Einstein’s birth anniversary (March 14th), sharing a witty incident in Einstein’s life.

Check the abstract of a paper written by Einstein, submitted to the famous journal “Science”
Some time ago, RW Mandl paid me a visit and asked me to publish the results of a little calculation, which I had made at his request. This note complies with his wish.
Research papers are usually written in a professional manner, sometimes with jargon. Einstein, on the other hand, wrote it in a casual language, demonstrating swag.

This paper is on “gravitational lensing”, a widely used technique these days for astronomical observations. Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity says that masses bend spacetime around them. When light passes through the bent spacetime, they appear amplified, thereby the masses acting as a lens.

Gravitational lensing is now used for several purposes. For instance, by measuring the lensing effect on the light by an object in the interstellar space, one can measure the mass of that object acting as a lens. Such technique is useful to study dark matter, especially in its estimation.
A “little calculation” that Einstein had made is of significant utility today!